Update on my condition

Papa’s Instructions Pome

Children of ours,  it’s your time to play

So listen closely to what I say

To your DNA you must stay true

Here’s exactly what you are to do:


Mama Cold, Papa Cold and their 3 virus babies 

Baby 1

Dump buckets of muck

up judy’s nose

Make sure you duck

before she blows

Baby 2 

Bang on her brain

whistle in her ears

like a choo choo train

til she bursts into tears.

Baby 3

Pound on her head

jump on her chest

all night long in bed

so she gets no rest

Children, it’s now up to you

judy is yours to do

Cuz Mama is weary 

teaching how-to

 with no app or Siri.

And your papa is tiring

 of non-stop siring

It’s Mom & me off to find a new home

Hallelujah! you’re on your own

Practice what we’ve taught

drive judy crazy, make her lazy

don’t give it an afterthought

Spend all your time

making her go outa her mind

Sneek a Peek into my sketchy life – Heads UP!

The last class for this semester –  I continued to play with water-color pencil.  



I tend to draw the heads too small . . . or . . . another way of “looking at it” . . . I make the bodies too big.  Then again, he is a big guy.


The uneven jaw line is reflective of his beard and mustache.dscn6801

Bob Blobfish sez: ". . . I p"

Bob Blobfish sez: ” Until art classes start again she can practice drawing larger heads by drawing me in the  nude”

Sneek a Peek into my sketchy book – Irritating Doodle Birds

Irritating Irritated Birds Haiku

Birds of a feather  

dislike flocking together 

When annoyed, wing it

Doodle w/ watercolor
Doodle Birds w/ watercolor


S’more Irritating Irritated Birds:

Irritated Birds collage in the Drink

Irritated torn paper Birds, the originals

Irritated Birds collage – Let Sleeping Birds Lie

The Best Medicine!

Cancelled clients today.  Not feeling well, probably due to titrating off one medication and starting another.  In order to eliminate as many factors as possible to try to find out what is causing my symptom-stuff I’m stopping the meds that may be contributing (under doctors’ supervision).  

Received this wonderful handmade card in the mail today and inside was a loving message and

red hearts!  It’s the best medicine I could have today!


Ida, Love the artwork, love the colors colors, love the freedom of expression,  love the card,

love YOU!

The Touch of Light

Sacred touch of light

Healing hands expressing love

 doesn’t matter how

I met Carol Maleki at an Academy for Guided Imagery 4-day intensive.  Not only is she a Healing Touch practitioner she’s an artist.  When I saw  a small sample of her work I couldn’t believe my eyes.

If you have any idea how difficult it is to paint realism with watercolor, and even if you don’t, you’ll be touched too by her work.  Take a look:

prompt, light