Sneek Peek at my sketchy life – 2 bares and a nude . . .

 . . . or 2 nudes and a bare . . .  or 3 nudes . . . or 2 bares and a bear . . .

at any rate, none of them wore clothes.

Bare 1

Bare 1, charcoal 10 min sketch

Bare 2

Bare 2, charcoal 15 min sketch

Ink Flare Pome By Shari Bonin-Pratt

You bared your soul.
The woman bared her bottom.
The monkey bared his soles.
Your sketches really got ’em

Bare 3

Bare 3, charcoal 3 hours & 15 min sketch . . . (he wouldn’t sit still)

9 comments on “Sneek Peek at my sketchy life – 2 bares and a nude . . .

  1. Hi, Judith. You are often on my mind, but especially since I started loosely basing a character on you for my fourth novel! Don’t worry names have been changed, etc. Wondered what you were up to and was pleased to discover your “artful” new works. Jane and I are doing well. I’m retired, a grandfather, and grateful for all the giving guidance I received from you. Warm regards, James


    • Linda,
      No never did get to see porno addicts – at least no one ever complained about that particular addiction!!!!! Sketching nudes is actually like sketching a building or a tree – you lose sight of the nudity concentrating on lines, contours, shading. I make jokes about it on the blog but it actually is quite asexual. TRY IT!


    • Jacqui,
      He fidgeted. I asked him politely to sit still. He didn’t. He did summersaults. I threatened him if he didn’t sit still I’d lock him in the closet. He didn’t. He jumped up and down. I bribed him with chocolate cake to sit still. He didn’t. I ate the cake. That’s why it took over 3 hours to draw him.

      P.S. Shhhhh it’s our secret. 2 Nudes and a monkey are not a good play on words for the title.

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